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In the field of Geographical Information systems (GIS), Mapping, Remote sensing and GPS... The Mac is rarely mentioned.
Nonetheless there are products available on the Mac plateform such as ENVI, Matlab, Mathematica, GrassGIS. And with the recent developments of OS X and Intel migration, we could see some interesting development on this platform.

That page is resulting from long hours spent on the Internet since 2001. The following list focuses on software that works under OS X, or requires X11 Apps (or Darwin+OroborOSX for prior version of OS 10.2.x). Look at the bottom of this page for detail procedure regarding the configuration of X11.

The content of the page will evolve over time, depending on your contribution, and my personnal findings on that topic.
Feel free to fill the form (right column on this page) with your e-mail and your suggestions. See ya - Steph

• GIS •

CartagisNiemeijer Consult - OSX Native, under development.
A Netherlands company commited to Macintosh for a long time, decided to develop a complete GIS package. That software is expected to be not as expensive as other package available on windows platform according to the developper sayings. A beta release was expected for the last quarter 2002, and was postpone to 2003...
[UP-DATE ] in sept'04, at the Apple Expo in Paris, I had the opportunity to chat with a developper at Niemeijer consult as they happen to have a booth there. They are still willing to work on that big project, though it was not in their top priorities.

GRASSDevelopper community - Opensource, multi platform - free
Installation :
- Download installation package for OS X : This site has the latest versions of GRASS set up with OS X installers (free); and is the easiest and best way to install GRASS. The site also has good links, tools, and tutorials on GRASS GIS.

- from a CD ( produced by approx. US$ 20).

Documentation and tutorials - Documentation, GRASS Tutorials, GRASS on-line class , Excellent Grass book
integration of QGIS within GRASS facilitate data manipulation and visualisation (see QGIS paragraph below).

JUMP - Java - free
JUMP is a GUI-based application for viewing and processing spatial data. It includes many common spatial and GIS functions. It is also designed to be a highly extensible framework for developing and running custom spatial data processing applications.
Install JUMP : jump113.dmg

Macmap - Classic, OS X - Carte Blanche
Software that enable the creation, query, of geographical Databases for thematic mapping purpose. EPS functionalities enables direct export to Postscript and export into EPS.
Macmap is available in limited version for the educational market (1500 objects), and lower tariffs for research labs, and universities

Mfworks 3.0 - Keigan systems – OSX, Windows.
Standalone grid processing toolkit. Offers a complete range of raster analysis operations, scripting, and map layout functions. Fully supported on both Windows and MacOS platforms. A Version aimed for the education market (Mfteach) is available.

Quatum GIS - sourceforge - Unix Linux OSX - free
Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) available on all Platforms.
Its installation is dead easy : a pure "drag and drop"and you are done, no installer.
QGIS supports most vector, raster, and database formats. It also displays and manipulates GRASS data.
QGIS also have a nice interface.

TNT & TNTLite - Microimages - multiplatform - Limited version available for free ("Lite" version)
That software keeps the same user interface wether you are on Win, Linux or Mac. On MacOSX, TNT requires X11. TNTlite is quite intuitive and the User interface is much easier than GRASS GIS.
A complete version is available for free (TNTlite) but project size and export capabilities are limited.
Once the download is completed (or copy from a CD) the install is truely easy : a double click on a ".dmg" folder and you are up and running.
Documentation (PDF)
Each TNT
tools is detailed in a PDF, well illustrated and freely accessible in various languages.

uDig - Refractions - Linux - Mac - Win - free
create, acquire, view, and modify geospatial data. Written in Java, available for other platforms.
(I personaly did not managed to install the soft on my machine due to a Java error - oct 2005).

• Data viewer and image conversion tools•

ArcExplorer4 - ESRI - OS X , Java, Win, free - 13,5 Mo -
a JAVA software to visualise data, perform simply query, based on the famous Arcview software.
For info, a earlier version of Arcview 3 was available many years ago on Macintosh.. ESRI website has no trace of it now.

AutoDesk MapGuide Viewer - Java Edition for Mac -free
Autodesk MapGuide® 6.3 software helps you develop, manage, and distribute GIS and design applications on the Internet / Intranet.

ExpressView Browser Plug-in (MrSid viewer for OSX) Lizardtech (4.64 Mb)
The package contains a plug-in for safari and a standalone application which give the ability to natively view MrSID and JPEG2000 images, magnify, print and save images.
• Multiband image viewing support
• JPEG2000 file format support
• Save image as PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, and limited-resolution TIFF
• Image data caching increases viewing speeds
• Standalone application mode for use without the Browse
See demo (in french but loads of snapshot)

Google Earth - Google - free, BETA version. EXpect final version in Jan 06. Till recently, illegal copies were floating on the web.. not any more.. So look harder, or wait till official release.

HDF Look - loa - Univ.Lille, Maryland, DAAC GSFC - Linux, Unix OS X ... - free
It is
A basic processing and visualization tool for MODIS HDF data within X-Window computer environments [X11 on OS X required]. HDFLook can visualize structures of an HDF file including: scientific data sets (SDS), vector arrays (Vdatas and Vgroups), and raster images (24 bits or 8 bits with a look-up table). more info

HEG - Nasa - Linux, Unix OS X - free requires Java
The HDF-EOS to GIS Format Conversion Tool (HEG) allow a user to reformat, re-project and perform stitching/mosaicing and subsetting operations on HDF-EOS objects. The output GeoTIFF file is ingestible into commonly used GIS applications. HEG will also write to native (or raw) binary and HDF-EOS Grid formats. HEG presently works with MODIS (Aqua and Terra), ASTER, and MISR HDF-EOS data sets.
The tool is accessible via a command line interface or by a GUI. The tool operates on Sun, SGI, Linux, Windows, and Macintosh OS X platforms. Java 1.3 or higher is required to run HEG. More info on MODIS HDF data integration into GIS.

iView3D and Fledermaus software- Fledermaus -Win Linux, SGI, SUN, OSX - iview3D free
iView3D is a free viewer for files in the Fledermaus file format. Fledermaus Standard & Pro version are a powerful interactive 3D data visualization system that is used for a variety of applications including environmental impact assessment, mining, geology, and research. The viewer is free, the software is not. Nice "show-off" MPEG movie available on the website.

MrSidDecode - Lizardtech - OSX Terminal - Registered
Convert your sid images into tif / tfw via the Terminal. See demo (in french but loads of snapshot)

Thuban -Intevation - Free - OS X - Linux - Win
Thuban is an Interactive Geographic Data Viewer with the following features: Vector Data Support (Shapefile, PostGIS Layer), Raster Data Support (GeoTIFF Layer), Comfortable Map Navigation, Object Identification and Annotation, Legend Editor and Classification
Table Queries and Joins, Projection Support,Printing and Vector Export, API for Add-Ons (Extensions), Multi-Language Support: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.
During the first software boot, some text editing is needed in order to access some added features. The procedure is well detailed in the readme file contained in the .dmg volumes.

• Remote Sensing : multi/hyper spectral analysis •

DIMPLE - Process - OSX, win 95 /98 NT - (in french)
Data processing in true 32 bit, Import numerous file format, multispectral processing (up to 32 channels), Georeferencing & Rectification (Image-to-map, Image-to-image), Classification, multispectrale transformation, Image composition (RGB, CMY, HSI), Filters, 3D modelling, x,y,p data import, image histogram, Image analysis, statistical analysis, Image ratio

ENVI - Rsinc - OSX Windows
ENVI is a big name when it comes to remote sensing data analysis (multi/hyperspectral). ENVI 3.6 version was the first port to OSX, available since 10 Jan 2003, and requires X11.
the Rsinc Programming environment - IDL - is also available for free.
Further infos there : FAQ ENVI / Mac OS X

HyperCube - US Army Corps of Engineers – OSX, Win 3,0 Mo – free
Excellent free application for analysis and display of multi and hyperspectral imagery, especially hyperspectral imagery.

MultiSpec - Purdue Research Foundation – Classic, OSX, Win 3,0 Mo – Free
Multispectral and hyperspectral data analysis software, developped by Purdue University, and constitues a good tool to learn Remote sensing data and its analysis. That app is not as much versatile than other similar product, but the most important tools are, along with a 170p. pdf guide.
- Import image of differents file formats (Binary, ASCII, BIL, BSQ, BIS, IMG)
- Supervised / unsupervised classification, spectral signature librairies, image generation, results outputs in table or graphics easily exportable by a simple cut/paste.

• Radar data •

ENVI - Rsinc - OSX Windows - see above.

RAT (Radar Tools) - Technische Universitat Berlin – Linux, UNIX or Mac OS-X, experimental support for Windows) – free
RAT ( Radar Tools) is a small collection of tools for processing SAR (synthetic aperture radar) remote sensing data, packed together in a nice graphical user interface. RAT brings modern SAR algorithms to a wider user-base by simplifying in particular the data handling and processing of complex SAR data.
- IDL (Interactive Data Language) Version 6.0 and above (commercial, license required), or the IDL Virtual Machine , which can be downloaded and used free of charge.
- Some SAR data to work with.

• Digital Elevation Model •

Landserf - Info Sc Dep, City University - JAVA based app working on OSX, Win, Linux... - FREE
Landserf is a free java program for working with Digital Terrain Models that works very well on OS X .
LandSerf is a freely available GIS for the visualisation and analysis of surfaces. Applications include visualisation of landscapes; geomorphological analysis; gaming development; GIS file conversion; map output; archaeological mapping and analysis; surface modelling and many others.

Natural Scene Designer - Natural Graphics - OSX, Win - 139$
Creates realistic pictures, shaded relief maps, animations, and panoramas of natural outdoor scenes.
You can load and combine USGS DEMs (7.5 minute and 1 degree), SDTS DEMs, and GTOPO 30 files.
You can export a terrain as a DEM, DXF, 3DS, grayscale, PGM, or 3DMF file along with a matching color map.
You can create 360 degree panoramas from any location, and interactively view the scene in all direction using QuickTimeVR technology.

Nonio C - Interstudio - OSX, Win - 300$
Nonio C is a program for modeling large topographic and cartographic surveys using triangles, contour lines, slope charts, color shading, sections, and three-dimensional views. Now available on OSX. Supports QuickDraw 3D and Open Gl-Quesa for walkthroughs or "flyovers" in real time, plug-in renderers, and Drag and Drop technology.

RiverTools - Rivix - OSX, Solaris, Win -
RiverTools 3.0 is a user-friendly GIS application for analysis and visualization of digital terrain, watersheds and river networks. One of RiverTools' most powerful features is its ability to rapidly extract drainage network patterns and analyze hydrologic data from very large DEMs (digital elevation models) . RiverTools is written in Interactive Data Language (IDL), a product of Research Systems, Inc. (RSI)

Good to know about elevation data
Obtaining SRTM data - The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission enabled the capture Earth elevation data and the production of DEM data, that are now delivered by a USGS website. Global data are available at a resolution of 3 arc-second (approx 90m resolution at the equator). Data of higher resolution is only available for the US mainland (1 arc second, approx 30m at the equator). A tutorial explains how to get your data. Note : horizontal accuracy : 20m, vertical accuracy: 16m - see description of the product) .

CleanTOPO2 - - It is a touched up and generalized version of SRTM30 Plus, a public domain dataset that combines sea floor and land elevation data of the entire world.

Generate 3D Digital Terrain Maps using free DEM data and software by John Childs.
Data provided by the USGS, NIMA, ASTER, Landsat and other sources. Learn to render them using POV-Ray ,MicroDem ,Terragen, 3DEM ,Global Mapper, Arc Explorer, Multispec and other free or low cost applications. Convert data using GEOTIFF, BANDPASS, DEM2TGA7, DEM2POV2, MDEM2DEM, SDTS2DEM, BLACKART and other applications offered for free download. .

Ideas and techniques for representing 2D and 3D topography on maps : A big "cookbook" in which Tom Patterson (U.S. National Park Service) about presenting digital topography, as either 2D shaded relief maps or 3D landscape visualizations.

Digital elevation models and landscape data : Peter A. Shary lists numerous URLs pointing to different kind of global and regional DEM data.

• Data processing / Programming •

IDL (Interactive Data Language) - Rsinc -
IDL is a programming environment developped by RSI, enabling highly customised tools development to visualise and process data. IDL can be integrated in ENVI, and is available for free via download.

Mathematica- Wolfram Research - OSX, Linux, Win -

Matlab - Mathworks - OSX, Linux, Win -
MATLAB intègre des possibilités de calcul mathématique et de visualisation ainsi qu'un langage puissant afin de fournir un environnement souple pour le calcul technique.

NCAR - NCAR - free
The NCAR Command Language (NCL) is a free interpreted language designed specifically for scientific data processing and visualization. NCL has robust file input and output. It can read in netCDF, HDF4, HDF4-EOS, GRIB, binary and ASCII data.

• Mapping composition •

Canvas GIS Mapping Edition - ACD systems - Mac, Win - $595,99
Canvas GIS Mapping edition lets you import and overlay multiple shapefile and geotiffs files, reproject them and perform simple query. It can be added to an existing workflow as the "last mile" publishing companion to dedicated GIS analysis software.

Cartes & Données - Articque - Mac, Win
Cartes & Données (french for "Maps and Data") is a software which enable advanced data analysis out graphic output in just 2 clicks. A nice return to the Mac platform. good job !

CartoMatic - Articque - Mac, Win - 1990 € et CartoBasic - Free
Automatically transform your data in maps in a few seconds. Choose a template, speficy the date to be mapped (.txt, .dbf, .xls, base de données ODBC), the map is done. Cartobasic, a light version is available for free. Impressive flash demo are also available on editor website.

iMAP - imap - OS X -
For a simple cartographic work, iMap should do it : open an image (background map), reference it using some points via a simple text file. and that is it. The first version used ti be free.. nowwellhave to pay for it.

Vectorworks 12 - Nemetschek - Mac, Win
ou can easily import maps and aerial photographs or even scan in site data with VectorWorks Landmark. Plus, new import and export options make it easy to work with GIS maps and data. With support for Shapefiles (.SHP files), you can import georeferenced maps and map data into your drawings.

• GPS •

FlightTrack - Collective - OSX - FREE -
It works exclusively under MacOS X. It's free and its main functions are:
- Downloading tracks from GPS: Garmin, Magellan, MLR SP 24XC or PalmOS device with special software.
- Viewing tracks in 3D over a the terrain rendered in 3D.
- Saving tracks in IGC format.
- Opening IGC files created by other software and viewing them.

GPSBabel - Robert Lipe – Linux, Mac, Win, Unix, Solaris
Truely a swiss army knife in GPS file management.
GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another, whether that format is a common mapping format like Delorme, Streets and Trips, or even a serial upload or download to a GPS unit such as those from Garmin and Magellan.

GPS Connect - Chimoosoft – OSX - Freeware
GPS Connect offers waypoint transfer with Garmin GPS receivers.

GPS Drive - Kraftvoll – Linux
Would eventually work on X11...only God knows.

GPS Visualizer - Adam Schneider - web-based viewer (developped on Mac)
A freeon-line utility that creates SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) maps and profiles from GPS waypoints and tracks. The output from GPS Visualizer canbe viewed in any Web browser - assuming you have installed Adobe's free SVG Viewer plug-in (a double-click on the downloaded plug-in will install all required files in your Internet browser plugin folder)

GPSy - Global Mapping System – Classic – under OS X port -
GPSy is a software to interface all type of GPS on the mac. GPSy gathers data stored on the GPS, display your position, spedd, and direction in real time. More infos
Since Keyspan released a driver for OSX, GPSy developer have good reasons to port GPSy to OSX.

Link2GPS / TopoDraw / GPS Write - HikeTech - Shareware £15,75 the bundle.
Link2GPS : transfers waypoints, routes, and tracks between your GPS unit and a Macintosh computer through drag and drop.
Note : Link2GPS works ok now with Garmin II+ and Garmin III GPS models.
TopoDraw : draws new waypoints and tracks directly onto a 2D map.
GpsWrite : enters, imports and organizes waypoints, tracks and routes.

HikeTech provides good details and solutions to connect your GPS to Mac via USB. See "Cable" section below, after "Sea Navigation".

MacGPS Pro - James and Associates - OS X -
Interface GARMIN GPS on a Mac, add a background map of your aera, and navigate in real time. Screen captures are quite explicit.
Waypoint icons can be retrieved during the download of your data from your GPS to your Mac.

• Sea Navigation •

GPS and Go (formerly TrueNav) - GPS and Go - OSX - payant ($49.95), demo available.
GPS and Go is the new name for former TrueNav software. It imports routes, tracks, and waypoints from most Garmin and Magellan GPS receivers. Exporting routes and waypoints is also supported. Compatible with all GPS following NMEA 0183 v2.0 protocol (Garmin, Thales/Magellan, and Leica devices), support the following Arc/Info Grid, BMP, BT, CEOS, DOQ, ESRI Raw Raster, Envisat, GeoTIFF, GIF, GXF, JPEG, MFF, Netpbm, PDF, Pict, PNG, TIFF, XPM file format...

GPSNavX & MacENC - GPSNavX - Shareware - OSX
"The solution for the boater that wants to take the Macintosh aboard for real-time display of position on full color charts. Just plug your GPS into your Macintosh and watch as your boat moves along in real-time, plotting a track behind the boat and logging your historic position on a digital chart".
Waypoint download form the GPS does not seem to take into account the waypoint icons. WGS84 reference system is the only one available.

MacGPS Pro - James and Associates - OS X -
Interface GARMIN GPS on a Mac, add a background map of your aera, and navigate in real time. Screen captures are quite explicit. Waypoint icons can be retrieved during the download of your data from your GPS to your Mac.
Also, MacGPS Pro supports all Marine charts in BSB 5. see features page.
They also have an extensive Digital Maps and Marine Charts Library that we offer as a free resource for the GPS community.
Stentec of the Netherlands has a new DKW 1800 marine charts for the Mac on CD-ROM that is made exclusively to work with MacGPS Pro.

RasterChart2BSB Magic Instinct Software - free GNU GPL licence
Geo-Referencing and exporting of scanned nautical documents in BSB format. Known supported files are TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF but all commonly MaxOSX supported raster formats.
A nice quicktime video show the main features (more info - in french)

SeaFarer/LX – Barco Software - OS X under development -
10/3/2004- According to press release Barco Software has completed the acquisition of Quintessence Designs software asset. That will allow Barco Software to provide a native Macintosh navigation solution.
NavimaQ (Electronic Charting Software) and WeathermaQ (HF Weatherfax Software) will continue on as it is for those users running older Macs.
Some of the features from NavimaQ will be added to SeaFarer/LX. Once that is complete, SeaFarer/LX will be port to OS X.
Any input by current Navimaq and Weathermaq users are welcomed

GPS devices and Cable
Handheld GPS reviews
- - Complete review of Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan GPS, and dedicated software.
- GPSy info - Info pages on GPS for Mac, Newton (!!), and Windows

GPS antena to integrate to your mac (you will need to carry your laptop around).
- via PCMPCIA Port : PCcard GPS on your Mac laptop
via USB Port : USB GPS receiver TN-200 . the TN-200 is working with NMEA compliant mapping software.

Connect handheld GPS to your Mac
- via USB
: You need a serial cable and serial to USB adaptator, and it works. This page says more.
- via home-made USB cable : detailed procedure to make your own cable, pictures are there to prove it is possible, but hardtools are not included.
- via Virtual PC : Loading Mapsource CDs into a Garmin GPS with a Macintosh via Virtual PC

Good to know

"MacMap" mailing list :

GPS Photo linker - J. Early - OSX - free
GPSPhotoLinker can be used to save location and GPS position data to a photo.

Plan your GPS point collection survey : useful tips 1 and 2

GPS signal quality : Infos on the "Position Dilution of Precision" or "PDOP" .

• GIS webserver and software (Java-based dev. tools) •

Owen Densmore draw my attention to the following links,months ago. By looking at thoses examples you 'll agree with me on Owen's saying : " .. and naturally Java works fine on the Mac".
Software :
- With OpenMap, you can quickly build applications and applets that access data from legacy databases and applications. OpenMap provides the means to allow users to see and manipulate geospatial information.
- Landserf is
already mentioned in the DEM section. Good to visualise DEM, and connect GPS, but limited number of raster format directly supported.
Tools :
List of java based tools on FreeGIS website

- ALOV Map - Free - is
portable Java® application for publication vector and raster maps to Internet and interactive viewing on web browsers. It supports the complex rendering architecture, the unlimited navigation and allows working with multiple layers, thematic maps, hyperlinked features and attribute data. (Examples are impressives and tutorial is very accessible).
- Geotool example of on-line GIS viewer (java based)
- WKB4J is a Java library designed to read the Well-Known Binary format from a data source (usually a database like Postgis) and transform this data into corresponding Java objects.
- GeoServer Project : the open internet gateway for setting up geographic data server.
- JTS Topology Suite : it is an API of 2D spatial predicates and function

• Other Links •

Hyperjeff listed on his site all the apps running on Mac, sorted by categories (Music, Scientific?).

Configuring and Running X11 Applications on Mac OS X

• Other apps

GraphClick - Arizona – shareware- MacOS X
GraphClick is a graph digitizer software which allows to automatically retrieve the original (x,y)-data from the image of a scanned graph or from a QuickTime movie..
In the same area, there are also DIgitizeIt, PlotDigitizer, Engauge digitizer but with poorer user interfaces.

Lat/Lon Converter - Chimoosoft – freeware- for MacOS 9 and X
For the lazy ones ! Lat/lon Converter is a c
onversion tool to switch from decimal degree to degree, minutes, secondes.

Papier -pautex - Feel like drawing on good old tracing paper printed off from your local printer? That apps is for you !

Renamer4Mac - - Useful software to rename large folder (text files, ascii, images) according to your personnal naming convention. You set your parameter, pre-visualised the result, and apply to the folder content you selected.

Solscape Solar data browser - Stimpsoft - Freeware – OSX and PPC - this app retrieves from the web, recent solar images, and compile them in the application. It is then possible to program time for data collection. The App is no longer developped since 2002.

MyWorldGIS (SIG au college) - GEODE Initiative, Northwestern University- JAVA - 45 days trial
It is a Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use in middle school through college classrooms. My World can display vector data (shapefiles), raster data (grids) and images.
It supports sophisticated statistical, spatial and database analyses of data. It also allows users to to link multimedia, such as digital photos or videos, to features on a map.

X-sat - Pol-online - Freeware – View the last sat images from weather satellites.

Other resources
Macintosh Resources for GIS :
Cartography and GIS software for Mac : Page no longer accessible ( It was at the origine of what you are reading today.
General list of GIS app on Mac and Windows :
GIS-GPS Resources on the web (GIS section)
- GIS Software and resources
Some "post" on Macgeneration forums.
- Wo working for a strong presence of OS X in Science.
- Macsimum Migration Kit : GIS Software Overview of MAc OS software in GIS since OS 7 - OS X


- Janv 06: Vector works (thanks to Tom).

- November 05 :RastercharterBSB (Claude), ivs3D and Fledermaus (thanks to Greg) GPSPhotoLinker (Jo), HDF Look, HEG Tool (thanks me :).
October : Cartes et données, cartomatic and uDig suggested by rick Dietz, Nonio C (Jo)
- August 2005: MrSidDecode added,
- May 2005 : MyGISWorld Suggested by Italo, GPS and Go.
- April 2005 : addition of ExpressView browser plugin (thanks to Brian)
- March 2005 : GPS Visualizer added.
- Jan 2005 : Thuban, Alov, added to the list thanks to Dr Martin Laloux.
December 2004: Got a new laptop and some freetime to update the page with interesting links submitted by many visitors.
- October 2004 : Owen Densmore suggested some Java based software / tools that works on Macs.
- August 2004 : Amy Caroll passed me some updates regarding MacGPS Pro, addition of MacBabelGPS (thanks to laurent Vidal).
- June 2004 : Added feebback on GPSNavX, Link2GPS, and MacGPSPro (merci à Claude Lessertisseur).
- May 2004 : Many thanks to Brian Slater, for his support and remarks on Hypercube and Landsurf.
- Avril 2004 : Page referenced on GIS lounge website.
- 26 Mar 2004, english version of that page
Fev 2004, UK, first on-line edition on geomax.html
- 28-30 Dec 2002, Sri Lanka, First draft
- Spring 2001, South India, what’s out there for Mac? I started digging..
A research on with "GIS", "SIG" ou "Géomatique", brought me, at that time, a heterogenious list of software (running on OS7, non longer developped, useless..). Another search on dedicated GIS portal website and lucky findings on personnal webpage (such as brought me interesting info, listed here.

Recent additions :
- 1/06 : VectorWorks, cleanTOPO2 dataset
- 12/05: Google Earth Beta
11/05 : RasterCharter2BSB

10/05 : HDF Look, HEG Tool, Udig, Cartomatic, Cartes et données, SRTM, HDF Look, HEG Tool...

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